Ideas for Education 2017

By Roosevelt Institute |

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Establishing Support Programs at Michigan Universities to Combat Precarious Housing and Homelessness in College Students – Yosef Gross and Ryan Bergal, Roosevelt @ UMichigan

Making Higher Education More Affordable: A Cap on College Athletics Subsidies – Jonas Higbee, Roosevelt @ Michigan State

Modern Literacy: Teaching Elementary Students How to Code – Denizhan Pak and Mickayla Stogsdill Roosevelt @ UT Knoxville

Integrated Peace Education: A New Approach to Addressing Bullying – Vishnu Kannan, Roosevelt @ Michigan State

Helping Homeless College Students By Providing Access to Showering Facilities – Yiju Huang and Dominic Russel, Roosevelt @ UMichigan

Mental Health Matters: Increasing Access to Treatment in New York City Schools – Sacha Heyman, Roosevelt @ U Michigan

Integrating Special and General Education in Fairfax County Public Schools – Arian Zukergood, Roosevelt @ Cornell

Educating Those at Risk: Spreading Knowledge to Combat the Opioid Epidemic – Aaron Gottesfeld and Jonathan Link, Roosevelt @ Cornell

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