10 Ideas for Energy and Environment 2015

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The Roosevelt Institute’s annual 10 Ideas series is the largest undergraduate policy journal, sharing locally-generated student ideas from across the country to create policy change.

Read our 10 Ideas for Energy & Environment 2015 below:

10 Ideas for Energy and Environment, 2015 by Roosevelt Campus Network

Closing Orphaned Wells: Preventing Spills When Oil Companies Go Bankrupt
Liam Berigan

Seed Banking for Urban Farming in Washington, D.C.
Daniel Blumin and Jacob Burman

Invest in the Future, Not Fossil Fuels
Elizabeth Chi

No Impact Workforce: Implementing Environmental Training Programs
Caroline Coccoli and Victoria Nelson

Paving the Way: Permeable Pavement as a Sanitation Solution
Stephanie Dooper

Rooftop Gardens: An Energy Saver for Businesses and Outdoor Haven for Communities
Kirstie Hostetter

Linking Federal Crop Insurance to Sustainable Agriculture Practices
Emma Johnston

Taking out the NYC Trash: Incentivizing Sustainable Waste Management
Julia Malits

Preventing Hunting Tragedies: Making Vermont’s Roads and Trails Off-Limits
Alex Newhouse

Closing the Loophold: Protecting the Midwest With Hydraulic Fracturing Regulation
Steven O’Neill