The 99% Plan: The Progressive Vision America Needs


Building on conferences and conversations sponsored by the Roosevelt Institute, the 99 Percent Plan essay series highlights different central elements of a progressive vision of the economy — and in particular, how they contrast with prevailing assumptions about social mobility, privatization, the place of labor, political rhetoric, and our understandings of freedom. Curated by Roosevelt Institute Fellow Sabeel Rahman and published by our partners at, the series also features contributions from the Roosevelt Institute's Mike Konczal and Dorian Warren as well as political theorists Alex Gourevitch and Aziz Rana and historian Alice O'Connor. Over the next month, new installments of the series will be published each Sunday morning on You can also check out the essays at the links below:

Intro"The progressive vision America needs," by Sabeel Rahman

Part 1: "The privatization trap," by Mike Konczal

Part 2: "America's failed promise of equal opportunity," by Alex Gourevitch and Aziz Rana

Part 3: "America's last hope: A strong labor movement," by Dorian Warren

Part 4: "How to make Occupy catch on," by Alice O'Connor

Part 5: "Beyond the free market," by Sabeel Rahman