April 15

By Roosevelt Institute |

daily-digest-150“What you need to know to navigate today’s economic debate.”

Joe Stiglitz: An Agenda for Reforming Economic Theory (Economist’sView)
Speaking at the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Roosevelt Institute Chief Economist Joe Stiglitz radically reconsiders the nature of economic theory and its distinction as a “science” able to predict results.

Economics Are Behind Brown Massachusetts Senate Win; Does It Matter For November? (CreditWritedowns)
Ed Harrison responds to the report by Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Thomas Ferguson and Jie Chen on the driving forces leading to Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts, and what this means for financial reform in 2010.

Obama Calls Together Congressional Leaders in Push for New Financial Regulation (WaPo)
President Obama tries to go bipartisanship with Republican leaders in the Senate to try and pass a financial reform bill that could include a controversial measure by Sen. Blanche Lincoln.

The Next Global Problem: Portugal (NYT)
Peter Boone and Simon Johnson discuss the destabilizing effects of a Greek bailout, citing Portugal and its ballooning debt as the next European showdown.

Foreclosure Rates Jump 35 Percent (CBS)
A new report pegs foreclosures increasing by 35 percent, proving that the federal government must take profound action to keep Americans in their homes.

GM’s Pension: A Ticking Time Bomb For Taxpayers? (TIME)
GM has revealed that its pension funds are underfunded by $27 billion, putting an enormous strain on the Federal Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp and the American taxpayer.

Andy Stern: The Exit Interview (WaPo)
President of the SEIU Andy Stern sits down with Ezra Klein to talk about his retirement and what it means for the struggling American labor movement.

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