Book: Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy

An aggressive blueprint for rewriting 35 years of policies that…have led to a vast concentration of wealth among the richest Americans and an increasingly squeezed middle class. –New York Times

Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy builds on the Roosevelt Institute’s report, which was released earlier this year. It has influenced and changed the political and economic debate in the country with Sen. Elizabeth Warren calling it “groundbreaking” and The Washington Post describing it as “a new manifesto for fighting inequality.” Stiglitz argues that inequality is not inevitable, but is caused by choices our political leaders have made about the rules that govern our economy. These rules have been written to favor large corporations and the wealthy and well connected at the expense of hard-working Americans and the rest of society.

The book rejects trickle-down economics and calls for a comprehensive overhaul of the economy to reduce inequality, create economic growth and get the economy working for all Americans again. This comprehensive overhaul begins with reforming campaign finance to remove dark money from the political system, fixing the financial sector so it provides support for American families and businesses and isn’t just concerned with its bottom line, and expanding economic security and opportunity by enacting policies like paid sick and family leave.

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NEW: Watch Stiglitz discuss the book on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

New manifesto for fighting inequality. –Washington Post

The secret truth about economic inequality in America: once you look at the issue this way, it’s hard to think of it any other way. –Time

Stiglitz realizes that deepening inequality in our country is not an unlucky act of nature, but a consequence of the policies we have chosen. This lively book suggests a whole menu of policy changes to move us toward a more widely shared prosperity. -Robert Solow

At a time when 25 hedge fund managers make more than all our nation’s kindergarten teachers combined, it is clear that the rules are rigged in favor of the wealthy few. Joseph E. Stiglitz has proposed a bold plan to rewrite these rules by rebuilding our economy for the twenty-first century. -Randi Weingarten

A fundamental revamp of our economy and its rules. –Slate