The Economic Case for Funding Planned Parenthood

After the second GOP Debate and amid continued attacks from Congressional Republicans, Roosevelt’s Andrea Flynn wrote in The Atlantic about why funding Planned Parenthood is critical for millions of women across the country.

She argues that without Planned Parenthood many women in states all over the country would lose access to basic health care and services.

In calling for the defunding of the national reproductive health provider—a move that would place basic health care and services, including family planning, out of reach for millions—the candidates are ignoring research that has over and over again show that publicly funded family planning is one of our government’s smartest and most cost-effective public investments.

She goes on to say, “women’s ability to plan and space their pregnancies has been shown to improve educational attainment and increase wages and lifetime earnings.”

Read The Economic Case for Funding Planned Parenthood at The Atlantic.