Ideas for Education 2018

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Mending Achievement Gaps in Pittsburgh: Using Social Impact Bonds to Fund Early Childhood Education – Emma Kiesling, Roosevelt @ George Washington University

Instituting Open-Source Textbooks in Massachusetts: A Step Toward Solving Socioeconomic Disparities in College Classrooms – Shahd Fahoum, Faheem Dyer, Ethan Stark-Miller, Kaitlyn Megathlin, and Thomas Fenu, Roosevelt @ Wheaton College

Ineffective Standardized Tests in North Carolina: Moving Towards Stealth Assessments and Inspections – Jane Tullis, Emma Miller, Kaitlyn Yakaboski, and Laura Selby, Roosevelt @ University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Shifting the Conversation: How Academic Institutions Can Change the Culture of Sexual Assault – Adam Graubart Roosevelt @ George Washington University