Election Day Non-Election Links

By Mike Konczal |

Today is election day. Here’s what I wrote about the stakes for Dodd-Frank and the election earlier this year at the Washington Monthly, with a quick update here.

Here are some non-election links for you to check out in between obsessively refreshing all your favorite election sites:

Molly Knefel on contrasting her experiences teaching young black children under intense police scrunity with her brother, John, being arrested at an Occupy event.

Sarah Jaffe on Occupy’s afterlife in building community power in places devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

Ben Adler on a 2010 MoMA exhibit on combating rising sea levels, revisiting what was discussed after having gone through Sandy. Also Matt Yglesias on using the Dutch as an example to save New York from future floodings.

N+1 Election Preview. Ok, one election link. N+1 has a crew of fantastic writers, and it is great to get the take of intelligent people who don’t cover/write about this stuff for a living.

Jeremy Kessler on Justice Kennedy and civil liberties versus libertarianism. I’m going to do more with this shortly, but I really like the way he poses the problem of how do civil libertarians deal with the issue of public power. I (and many others) were caught off guard by the ACLU, etc. endorsed of Citizens United; Kesller approaches this issue through the Kennedy dissent on Obamacare.

I covered the new unemployment numbers at The American Prospect last week.

I went out looking for economics based arguments for anti-gouging laws. Three I found: Cheap Talk’s Jeffrey C. Ely argues here that efficiency can be outweighed by excessive producer surplus, Andrew Bossie uses an island model here, and Jason Thomas here on tumblr makes additional points.

I started a tumblr, and may keep it going. (I enjoyed having tumblr search my gmail for friends with tumblrs and seeing how many people started one about 18 months ago, posted 3 things, and then forgot about it.) Feel free to “ask me anything,” especially if you need an election break, and I’ll be happy to respond on the tumblr.

Oh and one last time, the Herman Cain ad where his chief of staff, Mark Block, talks about the campaign and then has a smoke (and ends with Cain’s smile). The Tea Party anthem, I Am America, gets stuck in my head immediately.

See you on the other side….

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