Emerging Fellow Reports for 2016-17

Today, Roosevelt is pleased to announce the launch of the reports from our 2016-17 Emerging Fellows including:

– Emerging Fellow for Democratic Access Asha Athman – Raising Refugee Voices: Promoting Participatory Refugee Resettlement Evaluation in Maryland
– Emerging Fellow for Education Rachel Brown-Weinstock – Increasing the Postsecondary Expectations of Rural High School Graduates Through Alumni College and Career Networks: A Rural-Specific Education Policy
– Emerging Fellow for Energy and Environment Shreya Ganeshan – Updated and Upgraded: Improving energy efficiency in Athens-Clarke County

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From elevating refugees’ voices to improved energy efficiency, it’s our time to redefine the rules that guide our lives. Check out these Roosevelt Institute Emerging Fellows’ reports: http://bit.ly/emergingfellows17 #RooImpact

Inspired and ready for action after reading the Roosevelt Institute’s 2016-2017 Emerging Fellows’ reports. Take a look: http://bit.ly/emergingfellows17 #RooImpact


We’re rewriting the rules. Check out these Emerging Fellows and their reports http://bit.ly/emergingfellows17 #RooImpact

From elevating refugee voices to improved energy efficiency, we’re rewriting the rules. Read these Emerging Fellows’ papers: http://bit.ly/emergingfellows17 #RooImpact

Ready to dig in to @vivaroosevelt Emerging Fellows’ papers? Read more: http://bit.ly/emergingfellows17 #RooImpact