Financialization Incubator

Higher education is in a state of crisis. Public funding for schools is decreasing. Tuition and fees are rising. Students continue to shoulder the burden of these trends, collectively taking on nearly $1.5 trillion in debt. Yet institutional leaders are pouring billions of dollars into risky financial investments and expensive amenities — actively prioritizing monetary gains over affordability and educational quality.

This fall, Roosevelt is launching its first ever Financialization of Higher Education Incubator. Our “Fincubator” is a paid, part-time, eight-week program designed to train and equip students with the information and skills needed to defend higher education as a public good that should be accessible to all. Students will research and evaluate the financialization of their own college campus, and work with decision-makers and campus coalitions to build recommendations and advocacy plans to prioritize student voice in financial decision-making.

Each group member will receive an individual stipend, and each project will receive an operating budget for project-related expenses. Each student is expected to reserve 5-7 hours/week to participate in trainings and work on their project. The incubator structure will be as follows:

  • Bi-weekly trainings focused on understanding the concept of financialization, problem identification, research and data sources, and advocacy and coalition building

  • Bi-weekly deliverables designed to build practical skills while developing the group’s project — each deliverable is a piece of the campaign

  • Bi-weekly check-ins with dedicated National Staff to assist with deliverables and provide individualized support to each group

Who should apply:

  • Groups of 2-5 Roosevelters

  • Students who can commit to 5-7 hours/week

  • Roosevelters who have not worked on financialization research before

  • Roosevelters who believe higher education is a public good and should be accessible to all

  • Roosevelters from different chapters may apply in the same group – only if working on cross-campus research and advocacy makes more sense than doing it separately for each campus

Our goal is to have a diverse representation of students at all levels. We welcome applications from Roosevelters with diverse backgrounds, including gender identities and expressions, race, and class. If you are a member of an equity group, you are encouraged to self-identify on your application form.

What is NOT needed:

  • A formed idea — We will help you build your idea and campaign from scratch

  • A knack for numbers and data — The trainings are designed to help you with that

  • Prior knowledge of finance; financialization; Excel or other data management software

What to expect if selected:

  • Individualized support from national staff and the Financialization Coordinator

  • Resources and examples to help you with your deliverables

  • Skills and “how-to” trainings that enable you to execute your ideas, focused on research, analysis, and coalition building

  • Concept trainings designed to build your knowledge on financialization, both as a theory and as it relates specifically to your institution

  • Opportunity to pipeline into Emerging or Summer Fellowship positions

  • A developed idea and campaign strategy by the end of the program


  • Applications open: Monday, September 17th

  • Applications close: Sunday, September 30th

  • Applicants notified: Friday, October 5th

  • Incubator starts: Monday, October 8th

  • Incubator ends: Friday, December 7th