Former U.S. Rep. Brad Miller Joins Roosevelt Institute as Senior Fellow

By Roosevelt Institute |

Will Work With Other Roosevelt Experts to Address Economic Inequality and Financialization
New York, NY: The Roosevelt Institute announced today that Brad Miller has joined its Four Freedoms Center as its newest Senior Fellow. Prior to joining Roosevelt, Miller served for a decade in the U.S. House of Representatives, representing North Carolina’s 13th district, and was a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress. He is also of counsel for Grais & Ellsworth LLP. Miller’s work at Roosevelt will contribute to existing initiatives to develop solutions to inequality and the financialization of the economy, drawing on his experience as a member of the House Financial Services Committee and a front-line fighter in the battle for financial reform.
“Congress was not ready for the last financial crisis,” said Miller. “Our only source of information on the financial system was the industry itself, and they thought it was all good—subprime mortgages, credit default swaps, shadow banking, microscopic capital, everything. I’m determined to have a strong reform agenda ready for the next crisis.”
Though new to the Four Freedoms Center, Miller has previously worked closely with several other Roosevelt Institute Fellows. He contributed an essay on the challenges of regulatory enforcement to An Unfinished Mission: Making Wall Street for Us, a report released by the Roosevelt Institute and Americans for Financial Reform in November 2013. Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal was co-editor of the report. Miller has also worked with Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Damon Silvers on the Dodd-Frank Act; as well as with Roosevelt Institute Fellow Saqib Bhatti, Director of the ReFund America Project, on municipal debt relief.
“Brad Miller brings to the Roosevelt Institute not only a wealth of policy knowledge on complex and critical issues of economic reform, but first-hand experience in advocating for and pushing through major legislative solutions in a sharply divided Congress,” said David Palmer, Director of the Four Freedoms Center. “He will be an invaluable addition to our team as we seek to put ideas for a more equitable economy into action at every level of government.”
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