Globalization in the Trump Era: Hitting a Wall or Turning a Corner?

By Todd N. Tucker, Haley Sweetland Edwards |

Will the status-quo trade order survive, implode, or be reformed?

From the campaign trail to his unrelenting tweets, President Trump has made clear that he thinks trade pacts are rigged against American interests, causing many to wonder about the fate of the liberal world order. Please join Roosevelt fellow and political scientist Todd N. Tucker and TIME Magazine’s Haley Edwards on May 10 for a conversation and book launch that takes stock of where we are, and considers how we might construct an international regime that supports democracy, transparency, and shared growth.

Tucker’s latest book, Judge Knot, looks at one of the most successful and controversial elements of the existing regime: investor-state dispute settlement. This legal regime allows multinational investors to sue sovereign governments over labor, environmental, and consumer protections outside of national courts. Once obscure, hundreds of such lawsuits have been launched in recent years, now outpacing the activity of more conventional international courts. Based on five years of interviews and research, Judge Knot looks at how this system came to be, why companies and arbitrators participate in it, and why it survives in the face of growing criticism.

With glowing advance reviews and previews published in Democracy JournalPoliticoLawfareMonkey Cage, and beyond, Judge Knot (and this conversation) helps make sense of a chaotic global landscape.

Thursday, May 10, 2018
Doors open at 5:00 PM
Discussion begins promptly at 5:30 PM
Reception at 6:30 PM
Wine and refreshments served

Roosevelt Institute
570 Lexington Avenue, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10022

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Todd N. Tucker is a political scientist and fellow at the Roosevelt Institute. His research focuses on global economic governance, judicial politics, and the domestic implications of international trade, investment, and tax treaties. Dr. Tucker is author of The Sustainable Equitable Trade Doctrine (a 2017 report) and Judge Knot (a 2018 book on international dispute settlement and lawyering). His writing has been featured in Politico, Time Magazine, Democracy Journal, the Financial Times, and the Washington Post, and he has made hundreds of media appearances, including in and on CNN, the New York Times, NPR, and the Wall Street Journal.

Haley Sweetland Edwards is a national correspondent at TIME. Previously, she was an editor at the Washington Monthly, and a foreign correspondent in the Middle East and the former Soviet Union. Her book, Shadow Courts: The Tribunals That Rule Global Trade, was published in 2016 by Columbia Global Reports. Follow her at @haleybureau.