Improving Access to Screening and Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in American Veterans

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Roosevelter Meili Swanson on using Telemedical Healthcare to address PTSD in American veterans. 

This paper examines policy alternatives and evaluates them based on effectiveness, cost, and political feasibility. From the research conducted, telemedical healthcare is a way to increase veteran access to PTSD screening and further treatment. Telemedical healthcare utilizes a Skype-like platform to connect patient to doctor face-to-face online.Telemedical healthcare is also a cost efficient and a politically feasible alternative to the current policy. Incorporating telemedical healthcare could increase access to screening and treatment services to veterans who face geographical, scheduling, and psychological barriers to receiving services. By implementing telemedical healthcare in all VA medical centers, more veterans would be able access screening and further treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.