Live at Dissent Magazine with “From Master Plan To No Plan”

By Mike Konczal |

I have an article in the latest Dissent Magazine, co-written with Aaron Bady, titled “From Master Plan to No Plan: The Slow Death of Public Higher Education.” It’s now live and kicking off their newly redesigned webpage. It starts with Ronald Reagan in California in the 1960s, does a history of the creation and strengths of the University of California’s Master Plan system and its dissembly, and ends with what John Aubrey Douglass calls the the Brazilian Effect. It’s full of riot cops, occupations, moderate Republicans, thoughts on elasticities of supply, for-profit schools and more.

I hope this starts to move the conversation forward on higher education outside a specific focus on student debt, because that is likely to reach its limits outside a broader vision of what needs to be accomplished. Andy Kroll wrote a similar piece that went live earlier this month, so I think there’s a lot of interest in this topic. In March, Catherine Rampell wrote about the Brazilian Effect in economix. Andrew Ross wrote a fantastic piece for Dissent’s series on education on the aggressive expansion of NYU and other universities as part of a conscious urban planning framework, combining growth models based on the FIRE industires with those in the ICE (intellectual, cultural and educational) industries, which is an important part of the puzzle.

This may be my favorite written thing with my name on it and, as I’ve been given opportunities I wouldn’t have had without public higher education, this political and economic battle means a lot to me. Hope you check it out.


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