Marcus Mrowka serves as Vice President and Strategic Communications Director for the Roosevelt Institute, developing strategies to amplify and drive the work of Roosevelters to reimagine the rules of our economic and social policies and create a nation where everyone enjoys a fair share of our collective prosperity. Marcus comes to the Roosevelt Institute with more than a decade of strategic communications experience working with unions and on political and issue campaigns related to improving the lives of working people, rebuilding the middle class, strengthening public education, holding Wall Street accountable, and creating an economy that works for all Americans, not just those at the top.

Prior to joining Roosevelt, Marcus served as Communications Director for the American Federation of Teachers and developed and oversaw strategies to fight back against the attack on teachers and public education while promoting the work of teachers and policies that would improve public education. Marcus also served as National Media Director for the Service Employees International Union, developing and overseeing efforts to make SEIU a leading voice on politics, financial reform, and issues impacting working families.

Marcus holds a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from The George Washington University. Born and raised in central Connecticut, Marcus currently lives in Brooklyn with his sidekick, a black lab mix he rescued from a shelter in Virginia. In his spare time, Marcus enjoys adding to his collection of vintage furniture, road trips, spending time on the Cape, writing, reading, and cooking.