Naval History Prize

Presented annually to a book which, in the opinion of the judges, most usefully illuminates the role of seapower or maritime history within the ambit of American history.

The Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt Naval History Prize, which honors an outstanding work on American naval history, is awarded each year by the New York Council of the Navy League in cooperation with the Roosevelt Institute and the Theodore Roosevelt Association. The prize commemorates the contributions made by Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt while serving as assistant secretaries of the navy and their support of the navy during their presidential administrations. It includes a cash prize.

The Prize is presented annually to a book which, in the opinion of the judges, most usefully illuminates the role of seapower or maritime history within the ambit of American history. The judges consider originality and contribution to scholarship; literature and style; readability and general interest; content; the book as a physical object; and research. The prize is not restricted to American authors but the book must be published in English.

To submit a book for consideration, please send a copy to: Nicholas Ludington, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, 4079 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park NY 12538.

Roosevelt Naval History Prize Winners

2009      From Hot War to Cold: The U.S. Navy and National Security Affairs, 1945-1955, by Jeffrey G. Barlow

2008      Nexus: Strategic Communications and American World Security during World War I, by Dr. Johnathan Reed Winkler

2007      Crisis at Sea: The US Navy in European Waters in World War I, by William N. Still, Jr.

2006      Sea of Thunder: Four Commanders and the Last Great Naval Campaign 1941-1945, by Evan Thomas

2005      Decision at Sea: Five Naval Battles that Shaped American History, by Craig L. Symonds

2004      Stephen Decatur: A Life Most Bold and Daring, by Dr. Spencer Tucker

2003      Sea of Glory: America's Voyage of Discovery, the US Exploring Expedition 1838-1842, by Nathaniel Philbrick

2002      Anglo-American Strategic Relations and the Far East 1933-1939, by Greg Kennedy

2001      Matthew Calbraith Perry: Antebellum Sailor and Diplomat, by John Schroeder

2000      Ship of Miracles, by Bill Gilbert

1999      Shield and Sword: the United States Navy and the Persian Gulf War, by Edward J. Marolda and Robert J. Schneller, Jr.

1998      Blind Man's Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage, by Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew

1997      Lamson of the Gettysburg: The Civil War Letters of LT Roswell H. Lamson, USN, by James and Patricia McPerson

1996      A History of the Confederate Navy, by Professor Ralmondo Luraghi

1995      Utmost Savagery: Three Days of Tarawa, by Colonel Joseph H. Alexander, UMC (Ret.)

1994      Forged in War: The Naval-Industrial Complex and American Submarine Construction, by Dr. Gary E. Weir

1993      Driven Patriot, by Townsend Hoopes and Douglas Brinkley

1992      War Plan Orange: The US Strategy to Defeat Japan, 1897-1945, by Edward S. Miller

1991      Rickover and the Nuclear Navy: The Discipline of Technology, by Frances Duncan, PhD

1990      Admiral Harold R. Stark: Architect of Victory, 1939-1945, by B. Mitchell Simpson

1989      Teddy Roosevelt's Great White Fleet, by Professor James R. Reckner

1988      Guardians of the Sea, by Professor Robert Erwin Johnson

1987      The United States Navy: 200 Years, by Captain Edward Latimer Beach, USN (Ret.)

1986      Eagle Against the Sun: The American War with Japan, by Ronald Spector