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The rules that guide our generation’s social and economic realties are broken.Yet there has never been so much potential and momentum on the ground to fix them. The Next Generation Blueprint for 2016 is our clarion call—to rewrite the rules to benefit all Americans and ensure our generation is at the table to help write new rules moving forward. This election cycle, we’re bringing our opinions and solutions directly to those in power, challenging decision-makers to more effectively engage our generation.

The Blueprint is crowd-sourced from 1,000 young people from more than 160 colleges and universities across the nation. We are launching a national campaign to get our Blueprint in the hands of candidates and officials at every level—from City Hall to the White House. We are not alone in challenging decision-makers to rethink how they engage young people. We are joining with supporters—from climate justice organizers, to higher education advocates to those fighting in the movement for Black Lives—who all share our belief in elevating the next generation to help reimagine the rules. The campaign includes coordinated action across the country, with a focus on Virginia, Colorado, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, and North Carolina.

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