Re:Public Spring Incubator

A mainstay in our politics since post World War II and now embedded in our highest political offices, the increase in unchecked corporate power in our public institutions directly impacts the most pressing issues facing our generation – from the rise of for profit colleges to the increase in private prisons. At Roosevelt, we believe that basic public goods like education, water, healthcare, internet, and transport ought to be freely and equitably accessible for us all. Equally, we should have a right to influence key decisions around the provision of these goods — like their prices — through a democratic system. Yet, today, especially in vulnerable communities across the country, we’re seeing the opposite. Private corporate power is vastly standing in our way of achieving safe and healthy standards of living for us all by placing profits over people and eliminating democratic control. Public institutions that were once at the center of FDR and Eleanor’s drive for racial, gender and class equity, are being downsized and privatized.

Join us in fighting back through the Re:Public Spring Incubator.

The Re:Public spring incubator is a paid, eight-week opportunity starting on February 18th. It will support groups of Roosevelters (2-5 people) to build and/or strengthen policy campaigns. Whether you have an existing campaign or simply an idea on how to counter an issue in your community, we’re inviting you to apply. Every student in the Incubator will receive a stipend for their participation, along with a project budget for campaign-related expenses.

Moreover, Roosevelters applying to the Spring Incubator who are also interested in the Policy Challenges can use their Challenge projects as their Incubator project – that is, students can work on the same project in both opportunities, and you will get an bonus point in your Spring Incubator application! You just have to indicate to which Challenge you applied for in your Spring Incubator application form. 

Each student is expected to reserve 5-7 hours/week to participate in trainings and work on their project.

The incubator structure will be as follows:

  • Bi-weekly trainings (webinars) focused on building knowledge on Roosevelt’s Public Goods Framework, problem identification, advocacy and coalition building, campaign strategy and planning, among other skills
  • Bi-weekly deliverables designed to build practical skills while developing the group’s project or idea
  • Bi-weekly check-ins with dedicated National Staff to assist with deliverables and provide individualized support to each group

Who should apply:

  • Groups of 2-5 Roosevelters
  • Students who can commit to 5-7 hours/week
  • Roosevelters who have a formed idea or are working on an existing campaign
  • Roosevelters who believe in fighting to defend public goods against untamed corporate power
  • Roosevelters from different chapters may apply in the same group – only if working on cross-campus research and advocacy makes more sense than doing it separately for each campus

Our goal is to have a diverse representation of students at all levels. We welcome applications from Roosevelters with diverse backgrounds, including gender identities and expressions, race, and class. If you are a member of an equity group, you are encouraged to self-identify on your application form.

What to expect if selected:

  • Individualized support from national staff
  • Resources and examples to help you with your deliverables
  • Skills and “how-to” trainings that enable you to execute your ideas, focused on research, analysis, and coalition building
  • Concept trainings designed to build your knowledge on public goods and how to build a campaign
  • A developed campaign strategy by the end of the program


  • Applications open: Monday, December 17th
  • Applications close: Sunday, January 20th  
  • Applicants notified: Monday, January 28th
  • Incubator starts: February 18th (Kick off)
  • Incubator ends: April 26th


Fill your application here – the deadline is January 20th.