Re: Public Spring Incubator- Apply

Today, the power of corporations is vastly limiting our ability to access key public goods like water, healthcare, education, internet, and transport.  Such corporate power has ensured that the public goods we need most are neither equitable nor accessible. Equally, we are unable to hold such private actors- from charter schools to private prison companies to water contractors- accountable through our democratic processes. In the process, our collective public power has declined and our public institutions have been vastly weakened. It’s time to take action!

The Roosevelt Network is investing in local, youth-led campaigns to combat the proliferation of corporate power in our public goods and strengthen our public institutions through a spring Incubator. Through the Incubator, we will develop and support local level group projects to take action on the issue.

Key features of the Incubator

  • Each group should be between 2 and 5 students. If seeking an exemption for a larger group, please reach out.
  • Every student in the Incubator will receive a small stipend for their participation. In addition, each group will receive a small project budget for project-related expenses including lobbying days, printing, events etc.
  • Both groups with an existing project and those that have identified a problem in their community, absent a policy solution, are encouraged to apply. Roosevelt will provide different forms of assistance and training to both groups.
  • To apply, please fill out the application form below. All applications are due by 5 PM ET on February 23rd.
  • A single chapter may complete more than one submission. If your chapter has multiple projects, please complete an application form for each project.
  • If your chapter is working on a group project with another Roosevelt chapter, you may submit in coalition with another chapter/s.
  • In your submission, you should connect your current/prospective idea to combating corporate private power in public goods or the common good through public institutions. Here are some options for your project: It could lead to a greater investment or strengthen an existing public institution. It could prevent the intrusion of corporate, private power into this public good. Or, it could provide greater transparency, accountability, or control for your community over this public good whether it’s being provided in the private or public sector.
  • Through the Incubator, each student group will receive three types of training: 1) Background and context training on the core political issues of Re: Public 2) Policy writing and advocacy training 3) Direct consultancy on individual projects through Roosevelt’s staff and student leadership

We’re looking for projects that are:

  • Locally based- targeted at city, campus, state or municipal level
  • Actively join and engage in existing coalitions
  • Specific and actionable
  • Collectively built project with multiple students

Preparing your Application

  1. Start by learning about the Re: Public project and the concepts of privatization and public goods, by watching the video below. The full training is available on Roosevelt’s Loft training platform- here. For a glossary of key terms, click here.
  2. To identify a campaign for your chapter, take a look at some example issues and campaigns that you could work on in the Education, Economy and Human Rights areas on our Loft platform. As you start to consider a campaign, please reach out to Roosevelt’s National Policy Coordinators ( can connect you with the relevant coordinator).
  3. Finally, to examine campaigns in your area that you may be a part of, click here.


  • Feb 23: Applications Close
  • Feb 28: Applicants notified
  • March 5: Incubator Kicks off (8-week incubator)
  • April 27: Incubator close

What To Expect If Selected

Projects selected for the Incubator can expect the following:

  • Individualized support from National Staff and Policy Coordinators
  • 1-1 time with Think Tank Fellows who work on Corporate Power and Public Goods
  • Opportunity to pipeline for an Emerging Fellow position
  • Project planning and strategy help
  • Introduction to partner organizations in your area of interest
  • Examples of similar projects and deliverables to work from
  • Editing and review of written work
  • Graphic design
  • Media and press support

Applications for the Incubator are now closed.