Re: Public Incubator – Request for Proposal


Privatization is the process in which public goods are sold off to the private sector in the name of efficiency and cost reduction. The threat of privatization is at an all time high with the Trump administration and the threat will be felt particularly by people under 35 who will experience the rising costs of education, increasing incarceration rates, and the draining of living wage opportunities. To learn more about Privatization, check out Roosevelt’s Brief on the issue.


Roosevelt is asking students and alums to join in the fight again privatization by submitting project ideas that help combat the profiteering of public goods in their communities. If you are interested in submitting, start by joining our trainings (or viewing trainings) and looking through Roosevelt’s privatization toolkit.

We’re looking for projects that do the following:

  • Locally based- targeted at city, state or municipal level
  • Clearly articulate how the campaign or policy project is fighting privatization or building the public good
  • Actively join and engage in existing coalitions
  • Specific and actionable
  • Collectively built proposal with multiple students


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How to submit an RFP / Scope of Work

Your RFP/Scope of Work should take any one of the following formats:

  1. 300-500 word document
  2. 2-3 minute video
  3. 10 slides max PowerPoint presentation

In your submission, you should connect your current/prospective idea to combating privatization or promoting the public good. Explain the project you are working on or interested in starting through the following questions:

Mandatory questions:

  • Where and in what community is your project based?
  • Which institutions are impacted by this project?
  • Which policy center does your project fall under?
  • How does your project defend an important public good?
  • Capacity: How will you move this project forward? Do you have a team or how will you make one?
  • What kind of help do you think you’ll need?

Non-mandatory questions:

  • What other initiatives, coalitions, organizations are dealing with this problem?
  • Are you looking to protect against future private sector control of a public project?
  • Are you looking to strengthen a government program to promote faith in the effectiveness of shared governance and policy?


What To Expect If Selected

Projects selected for the incubator can expect the following:

  • Individualized support from National Staff and Policy Coordinators
  • 1-1 time with Think Tank Fellows who work on Privatization
  • Opportunity to present at annual Hyde Park conference
  • Opportunity to pipeline for an Emerging Fellow position
  • Project planning and strategy help
  • Introduction to partner organizations in your area of interest
  • Examples of similar projects and deliverables to work from
  • Editing and review of written work
  • Graphic design
  • Media and press support

How to Submit A Proposal

Submit a proposal using the form below. Don’t forget to add your powerpoint/document/video as an attachment.

Submission Deadline: April 25, 2017.