Roosevelt @ Mason

Roosevelt @ Mason is George Mason University’s largest and most active nonpartisan student policy organization.

Roosevelt @ Mason provides student leaders with a network and resources to effectively plan, organize, and implement progressive policy initiatives at the campus, local, state, and national levels. In its first year, Roosevelt @ George Mason delivered in every Roosevelt policy center. Highlights included a health care policy rethinking the War on Drugs, a project thinking through school start times, work on creating a funding source for undocumented students being squeezed by higher tuitions, and a sexual assault prevention policy that can be funded through Virginia’s ABC liquor stores.

The chapter has been a national leader in preventative sexual assault reform. Over the past year president Emma Copeland and vice president Kate Loving received national attention for their work on sexual assault reform. They also made a public splash by getting published in the Washington Post and on Talking Points Memo, and holding events to get their name on the George Mason map. Finally, they hosted a regional conference in the spring to bring their policy change efforts forward.

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Despite reports concluding that 89 percent of reported sexual assaults involve alcohol, the ABC department does not have specific programming dedicated to sexual assault education.







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