Roosevelter on Huffington Post: Joelle Gamble on the GOP Economic Debate

By Joelle Gamble |

Joelle Gamble on the importance of addressing policy proposals in the second GOP debate:

From our survey, we know that young people have a set of policy priorities they want candidates to cover in an economic debate. Young people are concerned about economic inequality and the ever-increasing role of the financial sector in our economy. They want to hear concrete plans to reform the tax code to promote opportunity for all. Being on the frontlines of technology and the economy, they want to hear candidates discuss the role that companies like Uber and Airbnb should be playing in a recovering economy. In addition, their views of a more prosperous economic future are intersectional: The candidates would be sorely mistaken if they left out racial justice and education when creating a platform for a stronger economy.

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Joelle Gamble is Senior Advisor to the President and CEO of the Roosevelt Institute and National Director of the Roosevelt network.