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Whether 17 or 70, Roosevelt exists to find, nurture, and curate the finest minds, supporting their work on the biggest problems – and solutions. We offer them a lifelong intellectual home and the opportunity to create change now and in the future– so join us

In the context of a stagnant public dialogue, the local ideas gap, and increasing disillusionment with a political system incapable of tackling our complex collective challenges, it is more important than ever to invest in a generation of leaders committed to active problem-solving and concrete change in the public sphere.

Our members, organizing on 130 chapters in 40 states, are actively influencing policy on the local, state and national level – from introducing legislation on protections for LGBTQ youth to consulting with local governments on natural disaster flood prevention. Roosevelters write and enact ideas that expand access to power and prosperity — encouraging new voices and new rules.


Get Started

Found or join a chapter. Roosevelt chapters form the beating heart of the network. They’re meeting places, debate forums, and think tanks all in one. With support and guidance from the national team, chapter members decide how to organize themselves and which projects to pursue. The ideas that germinate at the chapter level filter out to become local, state, and national policy solutions.

Get Informed 

Access our resources in Dropbox. All the information that you’ll need for your Roosevelt @ chapter can be found in our Dropbox. From documents helping you plan leadership structures, to communications materials, to network information — it’s all here. 

Get Prepared

Use the Roosevelt trainings to help you through each step of the policy process: researching your idea, writing your policy, building power, and creating policy change. To request access to our guides, visit the page or email

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Request materials for your chapter. If you fill out this form, we’ll send you Roosevelt t-shirts and 10 Ideas journals from 2016.

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Join our national database of Roosevelters by entering your email address in the green box below.


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