Rortybomb’s Best of 2012 Roundup and Linkfest

By Mike Konczal |

I want to thank everyone who has read, commented, emailed, tweeted, shared and otherwised engaged with me and this blog over the past year. Especially as I moved from the old blog to the new one here. I’m pretty happy with how 2012 went, and I hope to keep it going into 2013. Here’s a recap of the best stuff I was up to in 2012 for those who would want a best of list. (Here’s the equivalent list for 2011.)

One goal for 2012 was writing some longer think pieces, and that went went pretty well. Some of my favorites were a piece on the ideology of mass incarceration for Jacobin, the death of public higher education and the Master Plan for Dissent (with Aaron Bady), a lead essay for a forum on debt reduction and the recession for Boston Review, and a piece against coupon government and for public provisioning for New America (a shorter version in Dissent here).

The most read blog post of the year (which may be the most read thing I’ve written) was an animated gif explanation to the recent Jackson Hole conference on monetary policy, both here and at Business Insider. The election provided most-read posts number two and three: I wrote a post showing how Mitt Romney’s 5-point economic plan was the same plan from 2008 and 2004, and I argued for a policy agenda that followed from the “you didn’t build that” comment. Back when everyone was trying to figure out why the Federal Reserve wasn’t being aggressive, my interview with Joe Gagnon on the Fed started a debate on the topic. I also analyzed four histories of the 47 percent meme after Mitt Romney’s blunder tape.

Personal favorite blog posts that are a little extra econ-geeky: updated my topological map of theories of the recession with latest information, an argument for why taxing capital income is fair, as well as taking apart that dubious “uncertainty index” that floats out there in the economic debates.

At the end of the year I started contributing economic articles to the American Prospect, and you can see the list of articles here. I’m trying to build out where liberalism will evolve post-Obama, and I’ve written about how liberals will fight over full employment, and the future of the welfare state. The second was read widely on the right, as Bryon York went around Fox News, conservative radio and articles about how it was the liberal agenda. As he wrote, “Obama’s liberal supporters do have a second-term agenda, and it is a far-reaching one. That agenda, laid out a new article in the liberal magazine the American Prospect, is enough to set off alarm bells among conservatives in Washington and around the country.”

Four things: I’m going to engage more with comments at this site, now that I have a mechanism to see when they are posted easier. Second, if you are looking to expand your magazine subscriptions in 2013, consider subscribing to some of the magazines I’ve had the privilege of writing for in the past year. These magazines are nurturing all kinds of new talent, and that pipeline is important for the years ahead. Third, feel free to leave a comment with some ideas, either specific to this webpage or more general, about what you’d like to see here in the year ahead. And fourth, thanks for reading and hope to see you in the new year!

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Mike Konczal is a Fellow with the Roosevelt Institute, where he works on financial reform, unemployment, inequality, and a progressive vision of the economy. His blog, Rortybomb, was named one of the 25 Best Financial Blogs by Time magazine. Follow him on Twitter @rortybomb.