Student Leadership 2017-2018

In 2017, our political institutions are under attack from the inside, and our political leadership is failing to enact policies that help those most in need. That’s why we need a new generation of leaders committed to fight for their ideas and their values.

Our 36-member national leadership team ensures the network’s success each year by organizing our people, strategizing and supporting policy projects, communicating our message, and influencing decision-makers.

Positions and position descriptions are listed below. The application to apply to be part of the 2017-2018 National Leadership has closed and we are in the interview process. If you have questions, please contact Katie Kirchner –

Regional Coordinator (RC) – One per region

  • Responsible for regional vision and impact goals set at Hyde Park
  • Manage regional team
  • Responsible for scheduling and running regional strategy calls
  • Facilitates chapter to chapter collaboration across the region
  • Facilitates coordination between regional team and other National Leadership members (ie. develop regional communication goals, plan conferences and research with PCs)
  • Point of contact for regional partnerships
  • Point of contact for alumni
  • Manages regional budget
  • Uses regional tools like Trello and Slack

Chapter Organizer (CO) – One per region 

  • Supports the work of established Roosevelt chapters through strategic planning and operational support
  • Reports to the Regional Coordinator
  • Sets strategy and executes on plans for campus-level influence and growth
  • Works with Policy Coordinators to support individual projects in chapters
  • Facilitates relevant trainings for chapters

New Chapter Coordinator (NCC) – One per region

  • Reports to Regional Coordinator
  • Builds and executes regional growth strategy with Katie
  • Works with campus points of contact (students, faculty, staff) to build new chapters on campuses
  • Onboards new Roosevelters to the network, explaining opportunities for involvement
  • Uses Trello to manage chapters, people, and growth

Illinois Organizer (IO)

  • Based in Chicago
  • Supports the work of Malik and Brenna
  • Works with all Illinois chapters: prospective, new, functioning, developed
  • Helps Malik work with members of our Chicago Leaders Class to build chapters on their campus or in the city
  • Visits Chicago-based chapters in person to help conduct trainings, support the work, and asses needs

Policy Coordinator (PC) – One per issue area 

  • Identifies and supports policy projects/policy events
  • Coaches student projects following Roosevelt’s Policy Change Guide on Loft on both policy writing and policy change
  • Actively tracks and shares relevant policy change project updates
  • Key role in the production of 10 Ideas for their issue area- including editing, evaluating, and work-shopping selections
  • Works with the Regional team to execute relevant policy trainings for each chapter

Financialization Coordinator (FC) 

  • Receive personal training on Financialization using our tools and resources
  • Assist the Senior Program Associate in the execution of trainings online and in person
  • Host regular email and phone check ins with chapters to move research and projects forward
  • Program management including tracking program updates, meeting notes and scheduling for the project
  • Produce written content for Roosevelt’s blog on ongoing issues of Financialization in higher education
  • Support Roosevelt chapters through every stage of their research including crunching budgetary numbers, building power maps and more.
  • Curate and execute on bi-weekly update emails on the project to Financialization network members
  • Conduct national level advocacy research on past and present legislation on the topic

Communications Coordinator – Digital  (CC – Digital)

  • Listen, respond, and engage with chapter heads and/or chapter communications leads in developing their chapter level digital media strategy across a variety of social platform including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Assist the Roosevelt Institute’s Communications Team with content creation and curation for our national digital media platforms from video to blogs and graphics.
  • Coordinate with policy change project leaders to support their grassroots or policy organizing efforts through digital media, if needed
  • Ensure that all chapters with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram accounts have up-to-date Roosevelt network logo and language branding
  • Manage relevant Nationbuilder lists
  • Send regional communications with guidance from Regional Teams, when needed

Communications Coordinator – Press and Promotion (CC – Press and Promotion)

  • Monitor media to assess prevailing narratives relevant to the network’s policy work
  • Works with PCs and Emerging Fellows to identify potential opportunities for earned media and press engagement for policy projects
  • Targets students for blogging opportunities in the region and assists in editing process.
  • Organizes and recruits blog submissions.

Emerging Fellow (EF) – The Emerging Fellowship is a year-long fellowship opportunity for a small number of students with clear, and specific policy ideas for their community. Through the fellowship, each participant works on producing a Roosevelt report on their idea in the fall with the support, and advocates for their idea through media, elected officials and more in the spring. Individuals interested in the position should have a sense of the idea they’d like to pursue prior to the start of the fellowship.

  • Conducts a full literature review for their policy idea
  • Publishes a report with the Roosevelt Institute
  • Builds or joins a dynamic coalition of partners and stakeholders for their specific policy campaign
  • Designs and executes a campaign strategy for implementing policy idea
  • Meets/Engages with elected officials through lobbying/briefing/testifying