In Trump Era, Fighting for Women’s Lives

Abortion access. Contraception. Planned Parenthood. The Affordable Care Act. Medicaid.
All of these are targets of President-elect Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress. To commemorate the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Roosevelt Institute and the Center for Reproductive Rights hosted a discussion around the policy battles we expect in the year ahead, and how they will impact women and families, communities of color, and immigrant and LGBTQ communities. We will discuss strategies for resisting the rollback of health care and rights, and opportunities for progressive, proactive change. Watch the entire discussion below.


Andrea Flynn - Version 2 - Color - Square (Copyright Dominique Sindayiganza)Andrea Flynn is a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, where she researches and writes about issues that impact women and families. She explores connections between reproductive health care and poverty, state-level restrictions to family planning and abortion, inequality and maternal mortality, and various economic policies that impact the economic security of women and families. In 2014 Andrea presented her paper – The Title X Factor: Why the Health of America’s Women Depends on More Funding for Family Planning – at a briefing for members of Congress and their staffs. Her writing has appeared in The Atlantic, The New Republic, Cosmopolitan, Salon, The Hill, and Women’s eNews. She was a chosen participant in the Women’s Media Center Progressive Women’s Voices training, the CoreAlign Generative Fellowship, and Civil Liberty and Public Policy’s New Leaders Networking Intiative. Andrea served on the board of directors of the Third Wave Foundation from 2007 until 2014, and currently serves on the organization’s Legacy Committee. You can follow Andrea on Twitter @dreaflynn.


Joelle Gamble - (Copyright Dominique Sindayiganza)Joelle Gamble is the Director of the Roosevelt Institute’s national network of emerging thinkers and doers. Under Joelle’s leadership, Roosevelt has increased its ability to influence local and state government around our generation’s policy priorities. Because who writes the rules matters, she has also prioritized increasing the racial, socioeconomic and gender diversity of its national student leadership—with chapters at both four-year institutions and community colleges and people of color representing the majority or our membership leadership roles. Prior to coming to the Roosevelt Institute, Joelle, as a student organizer in the University of California Student Association, worked on political campaigns related to tax reform and budgetary priorities. Joelle also writes on topics of race and economics. She has been featured in places such at Fox BusinessThe NationSalonThe HillThe Huffington Post and NextCity. Fusion named her one of 30 women under 30 who are influencing the 2016 election.


kb-headshotKelly Baden is the Interim Senior Director for the Center for Reproductive Rights and oversees the Center’s state and local advocacy within the United States, which includes developing, implementing, and managing the Center’s multi-faceted reproductive rights policy initiatives and strategies aimed at moving proactive policy strategies forward and fighting against abortion restrictions in the states. This includes leading convenings for state advocates and legislators, building the capacity of local partners through the development of policy resources and trainings, and overseeing technical assistance support to those in the field. Kelly joined the Center as the Policy and Advocacy Advisor in 2013 and became Director of State Advocacy in 2015.


 silvia-214x300-copySilvia Henriquez is an award-winning advocate, a savvy coalition leader and a respected authority in reproductive health and justice. Silvia works relentlessly for those without a voice in society.

Silvia is the Co-Director of the All* Above All campaign, a multi-year effort with a public education campaign, a federal agenda, state advocacy efforts, and a cross-movement commitment to building a stronger base in support of abortion coverage. This coalition is comprised of over 100 national, state and regional partner organizations committed to restoring federal funding for abortion.