Adam Hersh

Adam Hersh is Senior Economist at the Roosevelt Institute, where he works closely with Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow and Chief Economist Joseph Stiglitz to examine the causes of growing economic inequality and potential policy solutions. He is also a Visiting Fellow at Columbia University’s Initiative for Policy Dialogue. Follow him on Twitter @adamshersh.

Though Republicans in Congress may be in disarray with the departure of House Speaker John Boehner, there’s at least one thing neither they nor the presidential hopefuls we’ll hear from at tonight’s debate will waver on: They’re all ready to triple-down on trickle-down economics by cutting taxes for the largest corporations, the wealthiest families, and

Inequality is a choice—one that we make with the rules we create to structure our society and economy. In this report, Roosevelt Chief Economist and Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, joined by co-authors Nell Abernathy, Adam Hersh, Susan Holmberg, and Mike Konczal, exposes the link between the rapidly rising fortunes of America’s wealthiest citizens and increasing economic

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