Alyssa O'Brien

Alyssa is a senior at Hofstra University and Roosevelt Northeast's External Engagement Coordinator.

Roosevelt @ Amherst joined Bill Newman again to talk about Amherst College’s Role in equitable economic development in the Pioneer Valley. 

Roosevelt @ Amherst joined the Bill Newman show on WHMP to talk about their Rethinking Communities project. Listen to the show here:

Trevor Dolan on the importance of voting for University of Michigan students. People aged 18 to 29 composed 19 percent of the electorate in the 2012 election. This 19 percent had enormous sway, and 60 percent of them voted for President Barack Obama. Our capacity to affect our country’s political future is significant, and we

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Alec Ramsay-Smith Interviews Candidate for Probate Judge Tracy Van Den Bergh “I want to bring my unique perspective to the bench to ensure all citizens of the county are fairly represented in the probate court. When families and individuals are brought before the court, they are often dealing with the toughest issues of their lives.

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At University of North Carolina­ Chapel Hill, Roosevelters Emily Cerciello, Missy Brown, Muad Hrezi and Tope Olofintuyi are leading an effort at their school to create a comprehensive toolkit for local pediatricians to help connect their low income and at­ risk clients to service providers. Working with the North Carolina Pediatric Society, they are placing

Roosevelt @ In Action: Tulane

At Tulane, Roosevelter Courtney Liss is working on her campus to support the Campus Accountability and Safety Act currently being debated in the US Senate. Courtney raised money on her campus to create an awareness campaign, including a week of window paintings, a substantial letter writing campaign and several meetings with campus groups and administration

At City College of NY, Roosevelter Josh Kemp is working to pilot a Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program in NYC as a precursor to state legislation that would support Dual Language Immersion programs in elementary schools state­wide. DLI programs have been touted for their successes in helping students of all backgrounds achieve higher levels in

At Amherst, Roosevelters have worked with both school administrators and stakeholders in the surrounding Pioneer Valley to build a system of community access to many of the benefits of the University, fight brain drain and improve the local economy. Rethinking Communities at Amherst is a new way of approaching social problems, moving from single­ issue

At University of Michigan, Roosevelters are working with school administrators to develop procurement processes that provide opportunities for local, minority and women owned businesses. As a publicly-funded anchor institution with a budget of over $1 billion in goods and services each year, the university has the opportunity to ensure that these transactions help support the

Sonja Karnovsky and Adam Watkins in Times Herald on Solving Michigan’s Brain Drain With more than 45 public institutions of higher education – including three prominent research universities – Michigan graduates more than 22,000 bachelor’s degree-earning students each year. Unfortunately, the weak economy has forced a vast majority of graduates to leave the state during