Brenna Conway

Brenna Conway is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Roosevelt Institute. She is responsible for growing an Illinois based student network and working to involve students in both writing and enacting policy changes at the state and local level. In 2014 Brenna orchestrated the NextGen Illinois project, which brought together thousands of young people in person and online to create a youth policy agenda for the state of Illinois. Brenna comes from a background in political organizing and advocacy campaigning. Brenna is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Madison where she studied Spanish and French as well as political science.

Roosevelt @ Illinois in the Glacier  At an April 26, 2016 event in the U Building, was State Rep. Kelly Burke, (D), from Illinois’ 36th District, which represents areas including Palos Hills and Evergreen Park. She was joined by Brenna Conway, the director of the Roosevelt Institute of Illinois, a non-profit organization which promotes student

Dear Partners: Thank you for helping us share the news about the launch of our Chicago Leaders Class with the college students you work with.  For more information about the Chicago Leaders Class, click here. Facebook: Option 1: Chicago needs the help of new, young leaders. Violent crime rates are among the highest in the

Brenna Conway details how Governor Rauner’s 2015 budget plan is not in line with what young Illinoisians want. Young people in Illinois are both aware and concerned about the future of our state. Over several months last year, hundreds of students and young workers came together through the NextGen Illinois project to discuss ways to improve employment,

NextGen Illinois Convention

On September 27th, 2014, hundreds of young people gathered together in the University of Illinois Chicago Forum for a first of it’s kind convention designed to create a statewide policy agenda for Illinois. This event represented the culmination of six months of work on the NextGen Illinois project, including over 60 in person discussions on

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More than thirty organizations contributed to the NextGen Illinois project. They hosted caucuses for young adult attendees, provided research help on the ten issue areas included in the project, trained young people in advocacy skills, and registered Millennials to vote in record numbers. The NextGen Illinois policy agenda is a result of their hard work

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  We need to use the power of our numbers and our solidarity and lead these fights against corporate greed, against structural racism against economic inequality.  This is where it starts  – with more than a thousand young folks organized and standing together in this fight. let’s do this. -Brianna Tong, a sophomore at the

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