Cara Schiavone

Cara Schiavone was a Roosevelt Network Summer Fellow in 2017, where she researched solutions to the high cost of student health insurance at the George Washington University (GW). Cara joined the Network while studying international affairs at GW. As an undergraduate, she joined the Roosevelt Network and served in her chapter Secretary of her chapter and Policy and Advocacy Coordinator for Education. In 2017, Cara led effort student efforts secure affordable health care at GW and bring student voices into health-related decisions on campus. Cara graduated from GW in 2019 and currently resides in D.C. where she works as a legal assistant to a law firm.

In the wake of President Trump’s election in 2016, my friends and I at the George Washington University (GW) were anxious about health insurance. We worried that Trump and a Republican legislature might overturn the entire Affordable Care Act. A loss of protections allowing young people to stay on their parents’ health insurance until age

The George Washington University (GW) has a student health insurance problem. Annual insurance premiums for the university-sponsored student health insurance plan (SHIP) reached a five-year high of $4,103 for the 2017-18 policy year. This cost is exorbitantly high in comparison to similar plans offered by many other universities, discouraging students from enrolling in the school’s