Connor Rupp

Connor Rupp is an Honor student at New College of Florida, majoring in Philosophy and Economics. He is particularly interested in how these majors continue to grow in the comprehension of intersectionality and discrimination—Connor’s area of focus is in environmental justice as well as the application of environmental human rights. He has conducted research with Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mark Paul to make the case that there is precedent for considering access to clean water, air and environment as human rights within the U.S. legal system and abroad. He has also analyzed and organized climate crisis legislation within the last twenty years to create a database for various organizations and legal teams. He has co-authored an op-ed, that is seeking publication, discussing governmental inaction and insufficient action to mitigate the climate crisis using the database he created. Connor has also analyzed fossil fuel subsidies to demonstrate how various fossil fuel subsidy reduction policies would be insufficient. Connor has many personal projects that seek to reduce the carbon footprint of his college and the burden toxic environments place upon marginalized communities.