Ioana Marinescu

Ioana Marinescu is an assistant professor at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy. She has broad interests in the areas of labor and public economics. What is the impact of public policy on labor markets? How can we understand the linkages between micro-level labor market dynamics and macroeconomic outcomes such as unemployment and economic growth? She is particularly interested in understanding matching and search in the labor market, and how matching mechanisms determine unemployment and productivity. She is currently working with "big data" from to better understand employers' and job seekers' online search behavior.

The United States has a labor monopsony problem. Though legal tools are already in place to combat monopsony, they have only been used against the most obvious forms of anticompetitive conduct like no-poaching agreements. More generally, there has been virtually no enforcement against abuses of monopsony power in labor markets. In a Roosevelt Institute working

The tide of economic growth no longer lifts all boats. Half of Americans have seen no growth in their incomes since 1980. The government did very little to help those left behind the tide of rising economic inequality. Maybe it’s time to consider a fresh approach to creating economic opportunity – what if we all

Providing cash directly to individuals has often been met with criticism, suspicion, and fear: the thinking goes that people who need financial assistance are not to be trusted, as their financial position reflects a moral failing rather than a societal one. These objections to cash transfer programs are rooted more in myth than empirical evidence.