Kevin Stump

For homeless youth to make it through college, they need extra support, best provided through a government program of homeless liaisons. New York has been among the top 10 states with unaccompanied homeless youth (UHY) filing for federal financial aid for the last three years. In a private report to the National Association for the

Public housing creates an opportunity to bring together resources to increase college attainment and success for some of New York City’s neediest students. “We are called to put an end to economic and social inequalities that threaten to unravel the city we love. And so today, we commit to a new progressive direction in New

Focusing on programs that help at-risk college students achieve doesn’t get them in the door, so the mayor must put more energy and funding into college access. This time a year ago, New York City residents were knee-deep in sorting through the promising rhetoric offered by hopeful bureaucrats vying to become the next Mayor of

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