Lauren Karagianis

Lauren Karagianis joined the Roosevelt team in 2016 to support development efforts at the FDR Presidential Library and Museum. After traveling to Asia and Europe, Lauren attended college in New Hampshire and Connecticut, where she swiftly settled on the communications field. Lauren is a Hudson Valley native whose interest in local historic culture was piqued after she returned to the area and began an internship at the Staatsburgh State Historic Site. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a concentration in Communication Studies from Marist College, where she also earned the School of Communication and the Arts 2016 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Communication Studies.

The Roosevelts contributed so much to the way of life in America. Their story is worth knowing and celebrating. Understanding how personal their impact has been is seen here through the eyes of the Library’s dedicated supporters as they recount their favorite Roosevelt things. 5/29/20 Favorite place to visit on the Library and Museum grounds