Rajesh D. Nayak

Rajesh D. Nayak is an attorney and fellow at the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School and was previously deputy executive director and research director of the National Employment Law Project. Prior to that, he spent seven years serving in senior roles in the Obama administration’s Department of Labor, most recently as deputy chief of staff to Secretary Tom Perez. In his roles at the department, Mr. Nayak had extensive experience in managing the rulemaking process and cost-benefit analysis. He has written for Slate, Newsweek, and Fortune in recent years.

President Trump ran for office promising to run the country more like a business. But over the last three-plus years, it’s become abundantly clear that his administration’s policies reflect some of the worst aspects of the short-termism that Wall Street demands of our nation’s CEOs. They have prized cutting so-called “regulatory red-tape” to help businesses’

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