Taylor Jo Isenberg

Galvanizing a new generation to participate in making public policy Policymakers, academics, and civic leaders emphasize the need to engage youth in the policy process to address the country’s seemingly intractable social challenges. The first and largest student-run policy organization in the United States, the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, enables that engagement. The Network brings

The Campus Network’s incredible community is what earned a MacArthur Award, and that’s what we’ll continue to invest in. Last Thursday, our social media accounts exploded with the news that the Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network had received the 2015 Award for Creative and Effective Institutions from the MacArthur Foundation. The flurry of tweets, revelry,

The Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network’s annual 10 Ideas series collects the top student policy proposals from across the country. This year’s journals are now available online; read them here. December 2014 will mark 10 years since a group of college students united behind a new model for engaging young people in the political process,