Victoria Streker

Victoria Streker is the senior digital and design associate at the Roosevelt Institute, where she handles work on the social media, website, and the overall digital and visual presence of the Institute.
Prior to joining Roosevelt, Victoria worked as a production manager as well as social media and content manager with small businesses enhancing their visual and online presence, including work encouraging young girls to become involved with STEM projects and activities. She earned a BFA in Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology with an emphasis on visual culture and media.

Chapter Communications

Chapter Communications Effectively establishing chapter-level communications is an integral part of your chapter’s success. Establishing consistent and branded social media platforms and engaging with press can both expand your chapter’s reach and help move your policy work forward. The student communications coordinator works directly with chapters to ensure that they are properly branded and helps

Alumni Associations are geographical hubs that coalesce and guide alumni’s interest in engaging with the network. Organized by alumni, and for alumni, associations provide a structure to connect our members with each other, partner groups, local policy fights, coalition work in cities, other progressive networks, and more. Associations increase the ability of the network to

As we head into the last week of Pride 2019, I find myself torn between celebration and frustration. While it is exciting to see rainbows covering everything in sight, it’s a bit disappointing to think about how many companies believe that marketing for Pride is the end all be all of supporting the LGBTQIA+ community.

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