Abby Gondek

Morgenthau Scholar-in-Residence, Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library

As the Morgenthau Scholar-in-Residence, Dr. Gondek employs digital humanities resources to raise awareness about the Holocaust-related archival collections at the FDR Library.

As the Morgenthau Scholar-in-Residence at the Roosevelt Institute, Dr. Abby Gondek develops blogs, exhibits, databases and data visualizations to systematically track and share findings related to three research projects: the roles of lesser known figures, especially women, in the Treasury Department and War Refugee Board; letters from the public in support of a refugee camp in the US in 1944; and the conflicts between Treasury and State regarding rescue of Jewish children from France in 1943–1944. To track and share her data, Dr. Gondek uses digital humanities resources such as nodegoat, NVivo, Palladio, Tableau Public, and Adobe Spark.

Prior to joining Roosevelt, Dr. Gondek received her PhD in global and socio-cultural studies and an MA in African and African diaspora studies from Florida International University (FIU). She also holds an MA in women’s studies and an MS in teaching urban adolescents with disabilities. Her previous research used historical social network analysis to analyze the political, institutional, and personal networks between Jewish women social scientists and women scholars of color in the early–mid 20th century. She has also conducted research about the experiences of Jewish women of color in Brazil. Dr. Gondek served as an adjunct instructor, teaching 15 courses in 2018–2019 on a wide array of topics, including Race, Gender and Sexuality in Hip Hop; Race, Gender and Science in the Atlantic; Nazism and the Holocaust; Societies in the World; and World Ethnographies. She also supervised student teachers in the education program at FIU. Prior to pursuing her PhD, Abby was a New York City Teaching Fellow and Jewish Diversity Educator with The Curriculum Initiative and the Foundation for Jewish Camp. She worked as a special education and social studies teacher in two NYC public high schools.