The ghost of Lehman Brothers is still haunting colleges and universities around the country, continuing to extract money from institutions even though the financial firm itself is long dead. When Lehman Brothers Holdings declared bankruptcy in 2008, it was the fourth largest investment bank in the United States. The giant’s collapse was felt in all

After 114 years of educating young women in rural Virginia, Sweet Briar College recently announced that the 2015 academic year would be its last. It’s closing its doors, administrators say, because its model is no longer sustainable. There are plenty of people coming out of the woodwork to explain Sweet Briar’s problems. Dr. James F. Jones, the school’s president, claims

Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network members and alumni weigh in on President Obama’s sixth State of the Union address. Brett Dunn, University of Alabama ’17: In the face of strong Republican opposition, President Obama made his stance on many controversial topics quite clear. He outlined his views on topics such as the minimum wage, equal

Click here to subscribe to Roosevelt First, our weekday morning email featuring the Daily Digest. The Daily Report (AM950 Radio) Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal discusses his recent article about the benefits of the president’s free community college plan. Mike’s segment begins at 28:00. How Congress is Crippling Our Tax Collection System, in Charts (WaPo)

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Click here to subscribe to Roosevelt First, our weekday morning email featuring the Daily Digest. Did Obama Just Introduce a ‘Public Option’ for Higher Education? (The Nation) Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal says free community college for all would be easier to run and more popular than means-tested financial aid models like Pell Grants. Why

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The President’s proposal for free tuition is exciting, but some parts of the plan may need revision if community colleges are going to be able to execute it. “We don’t expect the country to be transformed overnight, but we do expect this conversation to begin tomorrow.” The conversation President Obama’s domestic policy chief, Cecilia Munoz,

Looks like a smart plan he announced yesterday. I wrote about it, and public options more generally, here at The Nation. I hope you check it out!

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Click here to subscribe to Roosevelt First, our weekday morning email featuring the Daily Digest. Millennials Need to Turnout Every Day, Not Just Election Day (Huffington Post) Joelle Gamble, National Director of the Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network, argues that young people want to be asked not just to show up to the polls, but

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Some of the negative changes in the workplace brought on by new technologies can be countered by institutions like universities setting higher standards. The past 30 years have seen a revolution in communication and analytic technology, one that has begun to shape the nature of firms and the types of work that exist in the

For homeless youth to make it through college, they need extra support, best provided through a government program of homeless liaisons. New York has been among the top 10 states with unaccompanied homeless youth (UHY) filing for federal financial aid for the last three years. In a private report to the National Association for the