FDR chose action to combat flooding and soil erosion that did much more than conserve land. The massive flooding that struck the Midwest in recent days has led a number of climatologists to argue that this event — along with the occurrence of similar floods in Australia, Pakistan and elsewhere — is further indication of

With soaring gas and commodity prices and falling income, what are working Americans supposed to do? This week’s credit check: Median income fell by $5,261 in the past decade. The average price of gas is up 80 cents per gallon. When picturing people who are so far into debt they can’t get on top of

To solve our energy problem, President Obama must bring together the country’s best and brightest and devote significant government resources. In a speech before students at George Washington University this week, President Obama insisted that it was time for the United States to develop a new national energy policy that would reduce our nation’s dependence

As Bob Herbert leaves the Times, a letter to encourage him in continuing his advocacy for prosperity built on a green manufacturing sector. Dear Mr. Herbert, I was sad to hear that you will no longer be writing for the op-ed page of the NYTimes. Your critical perspective on the class war being waged against

Any intentions of boosting the economy will be obliterated by our spending on military actions. As my friend Chuck Spinney has noted in an exchange of emails, President Obama’s actions in Libya show that he has caved in to the “humanitarian interventionists” in his administration, as well as British/French/American post-colonial and oil interests. The result:

While we go into Libya with oil on the brain, the social safety net that needs protecting at home will end up even more unraveled. There is no question that rising oil prices are a potential short-term problem for a global economy that is still characterized by high levels of private sector debt. In fact,

Anyone watching the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan can see: the human and ecological costs of nuclear power far outweigh those of any renewable energy. On March 14th, the NYTimes stated that “This page has endorsed nuclear power as one tool to head off global warming. We suspect that, when all the evidence is

When industry lying is the norm, concern about nuclear energy is not hysteria. It’s a fight for our lives. Like British Petroleum, the Tokyo Electric Power Company has a history of playing fast and loose with the truth and endangering lives. So let’s drop the “What, Me Worry?” routine about nuclear energy. When cover-ups and

Let’s not add insult to catastrophic injury. Japan must reconstruct its country and has the funds to do so. There is no doubt that this terrible earthquake is worse than the Kobe tragedy of 1995. Kobe was a 7.4 on the Richter scale, but the quake that hit Sendai was 8.9 — many hundreds of

Where’s the environmental movement going? Jon Rynn investigates in a two-part series. In the second part, he argues we need to start rebuilding our infrastructure — and our civilization — before it’s too late. In my first post, I started to discuss a speech by the founders of the Breakthrough Institute, Ted Nordhaus and Michael