As the Geneva II talks on Syria begin, Iran’s absence at the negotiating table reveals the problems in attempting to reach an agreement if the actors involved in this crisis aren’t invited to help end it. The situation in Syria has grown increasingly desperate, though the decrease in news coverage might lead you to believe

On Wednesday, October 16, the Roosevelt Institute will present the 2013 Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Awards, honoring individuals and organizations whose work exemplifies FDR’s vision of democracy. Click here to RSVP for the free public ceremony.

After growing up with protracted conflicts in the Middle East, Millennials are glad to see the U.S .consider a diplomatic response to Syria, but know it might not end there. The past few weeks have seen a heated debate in the news and through the halls of Congress on whether or not the United States

President Obama’s second term is off to a rocky start on issues of defense and diplomacy, but that gives Millennials a great opportunity to share their own solutions. This summer, I had the honor of serving as an intern in an international organization. Employing staff from over 180 member countries, the workplace was extremely diverse

By deposing Morsi, the Egyptian military is responding to the people’s calls for democracy and economic growth. In the summer of 2011 I was serving as policy director for the Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network, organizing thousands of students across the U.S. to build community change. 2011 was also the year of the Egyptian Revolution.

What Did the State of the Union Say to Women?

The president didn’t just lay out specific policies that will benefit women. He also shifted the theory of how government can help them. The State of the Union address is inherently a political exercise, intended to chart a course for governing but also to let important constituencies know that they are heard and valued. On

The Republicans who voted against the ratification of the UN convention on disabilities are erasing a crucial part of our history. It is not only that the lights of peace blaze in our great cities and glow in our towns and villages—that laughter and music still ring out from coast to coast—that we will return

Senate Republicans passed up an opportunity for the U.S. to lead because of half-baked arguments and conspiracy theories. You wake early in the morning to the sound of your doorbell ringing, followed by a heavy knock on the front door. Bolting up in bed, you hear the ominous whir of a helicopter’s blades circling above

The election is over, but the work of expanding and improving women’s access to quality health care is just beginning. Last month, the United Nations declared access to family planning to be a universal human right that all member countries should respect, protect, and fulfill—a decidedly non-controversial concept for most of the developed world, and

As part of our series “A Rooseveltian Second Term Agenda,” a call to return to a foreign policy based in FDR’s vision of shared peace and prosperity. Even though we come from different places, we share common dreams: to choose our leaders; to live together in peace; to get an education and make a good