Saturday, October 5th was the biennial celebration of the Roosevelts’ legacy and those who exemplify the freedoms that uphold our democracy at the historic Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum for the 2019 Four Freedoms Awards.   Citations for the 2017 Laureates:Lonnie Bunch | The Boston Globe | Krista Tippett | Franklin Thomas |

Voters across the political spectrum are calling for an explanation of why the American economy and our democracy are working for so few.  On April 10, join Roosevelt Institute and friends for an invite-only discussion. The Roosevelt Institute will share bold new work that answers key questions in today’s public debates and offers an economic

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Distinguished Public Service Awards honor individuals whose careers exemplify President Roosevelt’s extraordinary dedication to public service and who seek to inspire a renewed national commitment to the principles for which FDR stood. Change can take a lifetime, and these men and women have dedicated their lives to the public good, never

Will the status-quo trade order survive, implode, or be reformed? From the campaign trail to his unrelenting tweets, President Trump has made clear that he thinks trade pacts are rigged against American interests, causing many to wonder about the fate of the liberal world order. Please join Roosevelt fellow and political scientist Todd N. Tucker and TIME Magazine’s Haley

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Chicago Leaders Class

From widespread privatization to the new Illinois state budget, Chicago has problems that demand solutions. Chicago Leaders Class (CLC) brought together students from Chicago area schools each semester for a crash-course in local public policy issues, grassroots organizing, and political discourse– helping to engage students during in the crucial upcoming local elections. CLC was an