In 2010, the year President
 Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law, nearly
 50 million individuals in the United States
were uninsured—more than 16 percent
of the total population. Since then, the ACA has extended care to more than 20 million Americans. ACA repeal would hurt millions of people who now have access to health

Democratic Access

With the conclusion of the first national election following the gutting of the Voting Rights Act, and another sweeping election characterized by widespread electoral discrimination especially among our most vulnerable populations, it is clear that issues of democracy are at the forefront of national political consciousness. In the short term, we believe there is immense potential

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Roosevelt @ Illinois in the Glacier  At an April 26, 2016 event in the U Building, was State Rep. Kelly Burke, (D), from Illinois’ 36th District, which represents areas including Palos Hills and Evergreen Park. She was joined by Brenna Conway, the director of the Roosevelt Institute of Illinois, a non-profit organization which promotes student

Over the past month, college students across the county have explored how financialization affects their schools with a series of trainings led by Refund America, Hedge Clippers, LittleSis, and the Roosevelt Institute. As many students know, Wall Street firms make billions of dollars off of higher education every year through vehicles including toxic swaps and exorbitant

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One of the standout features of our increasingly financialized economy is a systemic disinvestment in public goods such as infrastructure and education. As the finance sector hoards the wealth our economy produces, wages stagnate, corporations and the wealthy avoid contributing their rightful share in taxes, and money and power coalesces at the top, revenues at

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We believe our generation has the most to lose or gain in this election. That’s why we came together to build the Next Generation Blueprint for 2016. Crowdsourced from more than 1,000 people in our network from 160+ cities, colleges, and universities, the Blueprint makes a bold claim: It matters who rewrites the rules, not just

With the fall semester underway at American University in Washington, D.C., students are starting new classes, making new friends, and joining new clubs. Most of these students will pay over $43,000 this year in tuition and fees, and collectively their payments will account for nearly four-fifths of the school’s operating budget. But a sizable portion

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Voting Rights Restoration Fact Sheet

DOWNLOAD THE PDF  The Problem: Voter Disenfranchisement The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world with close to 2.2 million people behind bars. Studies have shown that changes in the criminal justice system and in sentencing laws, not changes in crime rates, are responsible for these shocking numbers. One of the hidden

A poll of 900 likely 2016 voters conducted July 13–18 by Democracy Corps found that the Roosevelt Institute’s Rewrite the Rules economic narrative outperforms a narrative focused on building on the progress that the Obama administration has achieved. In particular, it does better when pitted against a nationalist message focused on America not “winning” anymore, and

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In the last two decades, Wall Street banks have lured seven of the eight largest universities in Michigan into complex and risky financial deals. Through these deals, each school continues to pay millions to banks in fees while students throughout the state watch their tuition bills rise. City workers have suffered the effects of predatory