At The Nation, Roosevelt Network National Director Joelle Gamble writes: Our generation has the potential to dramatically reshape electoral and policy outcomes. People under 35 have led many of the major movements of the last eight years, including the Dreamers, Title IX activism, the Movement for Black Lives, and Occupy. And in 2016, the 86 million

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Priyanka Mogul of the International Business Times reports on Roosevelt’s Blueprint: A majority of young Americans have said that they want to see an end to the way money controls the political arena in the US. Recent research revealed that 64% of millennial voters are calling for electoral reform that would “decrease the influence of

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Roosevelt @ DePaul University’s Douglas Ortiz writes on the Higher education crisis in Illinois: If Governor Rauner wants our support for his turnaround agenda, he needs to start working for it. And if he’s not going to talk about higher education in Illinois, we are. Read the full piece here.

We are launching a national campaign to get our Blueprint in the hands of candidates and officials at every level—from City Hall to the White House. We are not alone in challenging decision-makers to rethink how they engage young people. We are joining with supporters—from climate justice organizers, to higher education advocates to those fighting

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Social Media Pages Website- Facebook-/RooseveltNetwork Twitter- @VivaRoosevelt SnapChat- @VivaRoosevelt Instagram- @VivaRoosevelt Launch graphic here. Snap Chat Follow us at @VivaRoosevelt Facebook Share-able graphic here. Sample Facebook Copy — It matters who rewrites the rules. That’s why I’m proud to join the Roosevelt Network as we launch our Next Generation Blueprint for 2016. Join the

Applications for Summer 2018 internships are now closed.  ABOUT THE ROOSEVELT INSTITUTE Until economic and social rules work for all Americans, they’re not working. Inspired by the legacy of Franklin and Eleanor, the Roosevelt Institute reimagines the rules to create a nation where everyone enjoys a fair share of our collective prosperity. We are a

Roosevelt is home to the nation’s largest network of emerging doers and thinkers—young people who are committed to reimagining and rewriting the rules in their communities. Our members are organized on 130+ campuses in 40 states nationwide, from four-year universities to community colleges, partnering with policy makers and communicators to provide them with clear, principled ideas

Roosevelt at UTK’s Hayley Brundige on why “Tennesee is not for sale”: Privatization would not only slash hours and benefits for current workers, but lower the standard of treatment for any new hires. It’s an all-around loss for waged workers in Tennessee and the local economies they contribute to. Read the full piece here!

Check out Fusion’s list of 30 women who will change election 2016 including Joelle Gamble, National Director of Roosevelt’s network, and Taylor Jo Isenberg, Vice President of Roosevelt’s Network. Read the full coverage here!

Statement of Roosevelt Institute Board Chair Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, granddaughter of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, on Donald Trump’s use of internment during World War II to defend his plan to ban Muslims from entry into the U.S. The Roosevelt Institute also signed on to the We Are Better Than This call today.

“For Donald Trump to cite my grandfather and internment as a defense of his own intolerant and divisive agenda is reprehensible. The internment of thousands of Japanese Americans during World War II is a sad part of our history and, as a part of my grandfather’s administration, a terrible political decision driven by fear…