Though Republicans in Congress may be in disarray with the departure of House Speaker John Boehner, there’s at least one thing neither they nor the presidential hopefuls we’ll hear from at tonight’s debate will waver on: They’re all ready to triple-down on trickle-down economics by cutting taxes for the largest corporations, the wealthiest families, and

Roosevelt @ Amherst joined the Bill Newman show on WHMP to talk about their Rethinking Communities project. Listen to the show here:

Emerging Fellow for Healthcare Shauna Rust writes a Letter to the editor in response to Joe Nocera’s Op-ed on E-Cigarettes: While e-cigarettes may present fewer health risks than traditional cigarettes, there is little evidence that e-cigarettes are effective in helping smokers quit. In fact, several studies have shown that even after a year of e-cigarette

Trevor Dolan on the importance of voting for University of Michigan students. People aged 18 to 29 composed 19 percent of the electorate in the 2012 election. This 19 percent had enormous sway, and 60 percent of them voted for President Barack Obama. Our capacity to affect our country’s political future is significant, and we

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Start or Join a Chapter

Roosevelt chapters form the beating heart of that network. They’re meeting places, debate forums, and think tanks all in one. Interested? Join a chapter or start one. We’re excited to have you on board.

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Roosevelt Fellow Andrea Flynn talked to the US News and World report about Roosevelt’s recent polling showing 83 percent percent of Americans, including 85 percent of independents and 67 percent of Republicans, want employers to provide their employees with paid family and sick leave. “American workers and families are just ready for it.” The article

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Emerging Fellow for Healthcare Shauna Rust was featured in News & Observer: North Carolina should be doing more, not less, to promote adolescent health and reduce teen pregnancies. While teen pregnancy rates have declined over the past decade, tens of thousands of teens still become pregnant in North Carolina each year. The U.S. has one

Casey McQuillan, from Roosevelt @ Amherst, published his proposal for body cameras in the Harvard Journal on African American Public Policy. The shooting and killing of Mike Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, drew national attention to issues of discrimination, police brutality, and the growing divide between communities and their local law enforcement

Mount Holyoke’s campus news source highlights the advocacy work Jessica Morris, Roosevelt @ Mt Holyoke, is doing to fight mass incarceration in the state of Massachusetts. Jessica Morris ‘15, a Mount Holyoke Roosevelt Institute Scholar, spoke at a mass incarceration forum in Amherst this past Saturday with Massachusetts State Senate President Stan Rosenberg and State

Alec Ramsay-Smith Interviews Candidate for Probate Judge Tracy Van Den Bergh “I want to bring my unique perspective to the bench to ensure all citizens of the county are fairly represented in the probate court. When families and individuals are brought before the court, they are often dealing with the toughest issues of their lives.

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