The Forge Fellowship

Reclaiming Public Power in Local Communities This fellowship is a stipended opportunity for 5–8 students currently enrolled at community colleges and public universities that do not have an existing Roosevelt chapter on their campus. Participants will be trained in core research, policy, organizing, and base-building skills, and receive one-on-one guidance from Roosevelt staff and alumni

Finance is no longer channeling our collective investments to productive uses. Instead, it’s using society’s resources to enrich itself at the cost of students, taxpayers, and communities. The story of finance in the economy is an old and simple one- the finance sector grows and protects the savings of individuals and institutions, and pools them


What do the increase in for-profit colleges and private prisons have in common? Unchecked corporate power in our public institutions. Lack of public control over the provision of public goods demands action now. Our future is not for sale. A mainstay in our politics since World War II and now embedded in our highest political

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10 Ideas

The Roosevelt Network is proud to present our 10 Ideas journal! Since 2008, this journal has elevated the ideas of young people seeking not only to rewrite the rules for their communities, but also to change who writes them. 10 Ideas is an annual Roosevelt Network program that generates student policy proposals. Each year, students

Our National Network

Roosevelt is a network of over 10,000 students working to advance solutions in their communities because we believe it matters who writes the rules. Our members are organized on a wide variety of 130 campuses in 40 states nationwide that work with policy makers and communicators to write and enact local, state, and national policy.

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Roosevelt @ Chapters

Roosevelt boasts a nationwide presence, engaging a network of emerging thinkers and doers who believe that when the rules don’t work for everyone, its their responsibility to re-write them. Roosevelt chapters form the beating heart of that network. They’re meeting places, debate forums, and think tanks all in one. With support and guidance from the national team,

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Roosevelt @ Resources

Our members, organizing on 130 chapters in 40 states, identify local problems, propose solutions, and run campaigns for policy change. With support and guidance from the national network, Roosevelt chapters train members, incubate and support policy projects, host events, and build political power. Join us! At Roosevelt, we believe it matters who writes the rules.

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Roosevelt @ Illinois

We’re putting Roosevelt ideas into action in Illinois. With the federal government in perpetual gridlock, states are an important testing ground for rewriting the rules – and a way to improve the lives of millions of people. The Prairie State can benefit from the creativity of our thinkers and doers as it faces a chronically overburdened

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