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What makes Roosevelt alumni special? Simple. Alumni are the manifestation of the Roosevelt Network’s theory of change.

For 16 years and counting, our Network has trained undergraduates in the ways of progressive policy making. Our work has brought together thousands of progressive thinkers and organizers, equipping them with the skills, tools, and networks to build public power in their communities. The ubiquity of alumni in places of progressive power–from the White House to community organizers and social entrepreneurs–demonstrates the value of this community.

Our alumni program grew exponentially in 2020, and we are excited to share our first alumni annual report with you. Read the report to learn more about our work this past year and why alumni are critical to the Network’s vision of change.

Mentorship Opportunities

Roosevelt Network Mentorship Program

Spring 2022

The Roosevelt Network is excited to launch a national level Mentorship Program between Network students and alumni! This program will pair current Network students with Roosevelt alumni across the country in an effort to strengthen the pipeline of policy advocates into progressive movement jobs. Structured levels of engagement will allow students to choose the track that best fits their needs, and offers Alumni the opportunity to give back to the Roosevelt community in ways that fit with their capacity. 

Students and mentors are paired according to shared policy passions, student career goals, and personal identity. We are excited to support students in their transition to professional life after college, and to create this new bridge between the Network student and alumni communities!  

Who is eligible to participate?

Only Network juniors and seniors who have completed two out of three Level Up trainings will be invited to participate in the program at this time. Click here to learn more about the Level Up program, which will help prepare students for a successful mentorship experience. 

All Network Alumni are eligible to participate as Mentors! Click here to submit your Mentor Intake Form by no later than March 11, 2022. Please be advised that all Mentors must complete a one-hour Mentor Orientation session during March 2022. 

Program Timeline & Structure

The Mentorship Program will run from March 28 to April 29, 2022, but Mentors and Mentees are welcome to continue engaging with one another after the program has formally ended! 

Alumni Mentors have the opportunity to sign up for one of the following “Tracks” of engagement with student mentees. Depending on the chosen Track, alumni can offer feedback on application materials, share wisdom and advice to students during informational interviews, and even facilitate new professional connections for students.

Track 1: Application Material Review, 3–4 hour commitment over 2 weeks 
  • Mentors will review mentee resume and a cover letter via email, with an optional virtual meeting to discuss feedback.
Track 2: Professional Foundations, 4–6 hour commitment over 3 weeks
  • Mentors will review mentee resume and a cover letter via email, with an optional virtual meeting to discuss feedback.
  • Mentees submit their revised resume and cover letter for a second round of review by their mentor.
  • Mentors will hold an informational interview with their mentees. Skills for informational interviews are covered during the Networking training of the Level Up Series.
Track 3: Professional Foundations + Exploration, 10–12 hours over 5 weeks
  • All Track 2 activities.
  • Mentors will also connect mentees to 1–2 more people in the professional areas of mentee interest. Mentees will be responsible for scheduling informational interviews with newly facilitated connections!
*Students in the final semester of their degree programs will be given preference for Track 3 mentor matching.*


Click here to submit your Mentor Intake Form by March 11, 2022. All Mentors are required to attend a one-hour orientation session in March 2022. Date and time TBD, but will be based on availability of volunteers.

Please contact Alyssa Beauchamp, Deputy Director of the Network, at abeauchamp@rooseveltinstitute.org with any questions regarding the Mentorship Program. 

Forge Mentorship

Click below if you're interested in mentoring for the Forge Fellowship.

Forge Mentorship

Alumni Associations

  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Detroit
  • New York City
  • Washington, DC
  • San Francisco

2021-2022 Alumni Board of Advisors

Carl Amritt

Amy Frieder

Will Gabelman

Jas Johl

Adam Jutha

Raaga Kalva

Amy Littleton

Eric Mitzenmacher

Tyer O’Connor

Garrett Shor

Charsaree (Cici) Slomka

Anita Sonawane

Sydney Terry

Jeanne Tilley

Programmatic Opportunities

Alumni expertise, experience, and connections have a global impact. By integrating alumni into our core national programming, Roosevelt Network ensures programming is based on issue-area expertise, and that can bring together alumni and students located in more isolated areas. From our incubator series to the 10 Ideas Journal and more, there are numerous opportunities for alumni to be a part of our programs.

10 Ideas Editors & Thought Partners
Our 10 Ideas Journal is an annual opportunity for alumni to support the work of current students through policy memos, mentoring student projects, and more.
Emerging Fellowship Thought Partners
Emerging Fellow Thought Partners support Emerging Fellows by providing strategic and research-oriented advice. Thought Partners on the Review Committee also review student white papers.
Spring Incubator Thought Partners
Incubator Thought Partners support student groups pursuing policy projects in our Incubator programs.
Financialization Incubator Thought Partners
Financialization Thought Partners assist students working on our Financialization of Higher Education project by helping them develop their skills, brainstorming research and advocacy strategies, and supporting staff-led trainings.
Alumni Webinars
Alumni webinars are virtual professional development panels that draw upon our alumni’s experiences and skills. Offered throughout the academic year, these webinars are a space to share knowledge on career fields and issue areas.

More Opportunities 

  • Alumni @ Hyde Park: The network’s annual Alumni @ Hyde Park gathering was created as a parallel experience to students’ Hyde Park gathering. Alumni have called it invigorating, refreshing, and motivating.
  • Alumni @ Midyear: Every year, we invite alumni based in New York City to attend our midyear student leadership conference and participate in programming.
  • Progressive Job Listings: We regularly share job listings in the progressive space, specifically catered to the interests of alumni. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter or join one of our official alumni groups on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay informed of career opportunities.
  • Join Online Communities: Visit our alumni groups on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay up to date with network opportunities and connect with Roosevelters.
As a Roosevelt alum, you also get access to exclusive special promotions like the Giving Back Savings Account with Amalgamated Bank.

Through Amalgamated Bank’s Giving Back Savings account, Roosevelters have an opportunity not only to bank with a progressive and union-backed institution but also to earn a competitive interest rate of 1 percent APY—half of which is matched at the end of each year and donated to Roosevelt. Other Amalgamated benefits include fee-free access to 40,000 Allpoint® ATMs nationwide, no monthly balance requirements, and no minimum deposit fees. To top it all off, you’ll even get a Roosevelt-branded debit card! 

“Their customer service has been friendly and otherwise great. They immediately refunded an overdraft fee when I contacted them that same day to say I had made a mistake. The online services are all that I need and expect. Gets the job done.”

Roosevelt alumni Brent Caldwell

Roosevelt Alumni are eligible for a minimum scholarship of 30% of tuition per semester in any of the master’s programs at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy. Learn more here.