Training Toolkits

This year we are rolling out a series of training toolkits to help you get your chapter up and running this fall! These training toolkits will help you learn how to effectively train your members on the core skills every Roosevelt Network member needs to be successful. 

Click here to request access to our trainings and resources for: 

  • Rooseveltian Worldview: Learn to explain the economic concepts and values that underpin the Network’s approach to policy making.
  • Chapter Leadership: From developing your recruitment elevator pitch to planning events, master the nuts and bolts of chapter leadership.
  • What is Policy?: Demystify the foundation of this sometimes complicated question.
  • Identifying Community Problems: Get a better understanding of where/how to start your policy writing journey through this training.
  • Research 101: Sound policy is grounded in solid research – learn to teach the necessary skills for good research.
  • Power Mapping: Identify, visualize, and name connections between key players and institutions to create policy change. 
  • Writing 101: Help your members sharpen their policy writing skills with the help of this training toolkit.

Once you have access, view the trainings here.

Chapter Communications

Effectively establishing chapter-level communications is an integral part of your chapter’s success. Establishing consistent and branded social media platforms and engaging with press can both expand your chapter’s reach and help move your policy work forward. The student communications coordinator works directly with chapters to ensure that they are properly branded and helps connect them to press outlets to promote policy work. Review the communications guide to start building your chapter’s communications presence.

Chapter Branding

Chapter-level alignment with Roosevelt Network branding helps to ensure that we can communicate aligned and consistent messaging to new student chapter members and partners alike. Chapter branding applies to everything from chapter-level social media to the way we communicate with chapter members and partners. Refer to the communications guide to review the branding guidelines. The student communications coordinator can also provide guidance on how to align your chapter social media with network branding.