U.S. lobstermen aren’t netting the profits they deserve thanks to trade arrangements with Canada. It is not very often that the New York Times decides to pen an article about the Maine lobster industry. So when a Canada correspondent based in Ottawa and a New England correspondent based in Boston write two different articles in

The public-private partnerships of the solution economy could allow conservatives and liberals to agree on solutions to social problems, for once. There is a quiet transformation of our society going on that is redefining how we solve our most entrenched problems. A recently published book, The Solution Revolution by William Eggers and Paul Macmillan, tracks

Carried interest, the share of profits that private equity fund managers receive, is currently taxed at the capital gains rate, but it should be treated as standard compensation. In recent months, there has been a growing consensus that the tax code is broken and must be reformed or overhauled. Unfortunately, that’s where the consensus ends.

The Justice Department’s ruling in Mia Macy’s lawsuit against the ATF is a significant win in the fight against employment discrimination for the transgender community, but there’s still more to be done. It has been over a year since I last wrote about Mia Macy and her lawsuit, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), and the

Austerity’s failure in Europe was easy to predict, even if politicians and economists didn’t see it coming. A few weeks ago we saw an interesting debate unfold in Europe: European Commission President José Manuel Barroso said that austerity in Europe had reached its limit, and a few days later, the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble responded,

Arbitrarily limiting revenues and cutting critical services doesn’t boost efficiency; it just shifts the burden onto citizens. The 2013 tax-filing deadline is just a few days behind us, but many Republican members of Congress have already started talking about this year’s revenue intake. Due to CBO projections that federal revenues in 2013 will be the

Americans are getting fed up with government. It’s time to get them directly involved. It has been nearly a month since the sequester went into effect, yet little is being done to reverse the deep cuts. It is a sad fact that our new normal is the inability to come to a compromise in Washington.

Instead of cutting aid to the poor, the president and Congress should focus on reforming costly tax expenditures. While we often hear critics decrying the redistributive effects of American social spending, government aid does not always benefit households of limited means. Often, aid looks more like a million-dollar vacation home or a luxury health insurance

The Green Side of the Fiscal Cliff

As part of the “Millennial Priorities for the First 100 Days” series, a call to tackle the budget and climate change at the same time. On last Tuesday night, a triumphant President Obama thanked supporters in Chicago. “We know in our hearts,” he said, “that for the United States of America, the best is yet

It’s not enough to maintain a safety net that catches people when they fall. We have to keep them from falling in the first place. As a millennial, my generation has been told that if we simply work hard and go to college we will be able to achieve even greater economic gains than our