America’s public education system has long touted the promise of civic and economic opportunity. It is an institution that is meant to provide every individual, no matter their background or means, the knowledge, and skills they need to make their way in the world. But, that just isn’t the case. Despite the immense talent and

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In this Report, Roosevelt’s Emerging Fellow for Education Kinjo Kiema argues that state governments should require that every public university within their jurisdiction maintain a safer ratio of counselors to students. Using Virginia as a model, this paper will examine how this policy would work to demonstrate how it could also be implemented in other cities and states.

At City College of NY, Roosevelter Josh Kemp is working to pilot a Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program in NYC as a precursor to state legislation that would support Dual Language Immersion programs in elementary schools state­wide. DLI programs have been touted for their successes in helping students of all backgrounds achieve higher levels in

“Within 5 years the world’s best education will be available online and it will be free,” said George Mason University professor Tyler Cowen in a September 2013 interview. “Arguably that’s already the case.” When I heard the claim last summer, I took notice. I was and continue to be an undergraduate with a love for

The President’s proposal for free tuition is exciting, but some parts of the plan may need revision if community colleges are going to be able to execute it. “We don’t expect the country to be transformed overnight, but we do expect this conversation to begin tomorrow.” The conversation President Obama’s domestic policy chief, Cecilia Munoz,

Megan Ernst, Emerging Fellow for Education for 2014-2015 and UGA Class of 2015, details whySummer lab schools, staffed by graduate students of education from public universities across the state, could be used to minimize summer learning loss among low-income public school students. This program would also have the benefit of providing additional pedagogical training for future

A new program offering career-focused bachelor’s degrees at California Community Colleges could begin to shift the combined higher education and employment crises in the state. “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” George Washington Carver Living in a society where possessing a college degree is key to securing a well-paying job,

Policies that strictly limit the use of suspension and expulsion in schools will help to close the racial education gap. Despite being ranked as one of the best states to live in, Minnesota still suffers from racial inequality. Even if laws and politics treat everyone equally, the educational experience is different for people of different

Focusing on programs that help at-risk college students achieve doesn’t get them in the door, so the mayor must put more energy and funding into college access. This time a year ago, New York City residents were knee-deep in sorting through the promising rhetoric offered by hopeful bureaucrats vying to become the next Mayor of

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Targeted public policy could help with many of the problems students face that their teachers can’t solve alone. My parents, both teachers, often blurred the line between being parents and being educators. Luckily, I found academics to be second nature. As a result, my teachers in the local public school system served as valuable role